Skydiving for Charity

Tandem Skydive to raise money for your chosen charity

Tandem skydiving is a great way of raising funds for your chosen charity. Hinton Skydiving Centre hosts many charity events throughout the year in aid of some very worthy causes. We work in partnership with several charities providing an excellent level of service on the day whilst the fundraising is organised through the charities directly.

Here at Hinton Skydiving Centre we would like to offer some advice and tips as to how to go about organising a skydive for charity. Please be aware that many larger charities will have their own event teams in place which can help to streamline the booking process.

Please note that in order for charities to book directly through our website you must ensure that you have read and agreed to our T&C’s and adhere to the payment terms provided. For more information you can consult our FAQ section or get in touch with us directly at where we will be happy to assist you with your booking queries.

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