Meet the team

Meet the friendly and knowledgeable team at Hinton Skydiving Centre who are here to help with your skydiving needs.

Geoff Wood


Geoff has been a joint owner of Hinton Skydiving Centre for over 25 years and has an extensive background in the sport from his early introduction to skydiving in the military. He is the main contact for special projects outside of the daily skydive operation and has been involved in several TV & Film productions through the centre.

Mike Browne


Mike Browne has been a joint owner of Hinton Skydiving Centre for over 25 years and has a background in agriculture and aviation. He is an experienced skydiver and Pilot with a detailed knowledge and passion of mechanics.

Stuart Meacock

Chief Instructor

Stuart has been CI at Hinton for over 10 years and is responsible for safety and training at the centre. He is an experienced Tandem/AFF Instructor and Pilot and organises regular progression courses for skydivers throughout the year.

Ben Wood

DZ Manager

Ben has been working at Hinton Skydiving Centre for over 3 years in his current role and is also a qualified AFF Instructor & FS Coach. As DZ Manager he oversees daily operations and events at the centre.

Sandi Keith

Office Manager

Sandi is based in our booking office and co-ordinates all charity bookings/events at the centre. She has an extensive background in the sport as a skydiver and Instructor and is usually the first point of contact with our customers.

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